The best platform for teams to meet.

WFHub is B2B focussed concierge service for startups and corporates to effectively manage remote teams. 


Space reserved for your teams

Your choice depending on your purpose.

Informal Spaces

These are once curated with objective of team building and employee happiness purpose. The culture of company is based on how well the team celebrate each others company.

Cafe, Restuarants and Resort

Formal Spaces

We understand your needs better. Formal spaces lets you team come with an agenda and be prodcutive making decision at these hubs.

Hotels, Co Working and Golf Courses.

How we work?

We keep it simple and easy to work. 

  • 1. Register your company
  • 2. Set up concierge
  • 3. Booking request
  • 4. Payment

Goals we work towards

We got your covered.

  • Culture
    When teams bond , culture is built for companies.
  • Collaboration
    This is the key to growth for employees and companies.
  • Innovation
    Teams when meet, magic happens.

Simple & Fair Pricing

We charge you a flat fee per team member @ ₹ 50 per booking. The actual budget set for team meet will be directly paid to the Hub partners through our payment system ensuring transparency and reliability for quality services.
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₹50 per user

₹ per user

₹50 per user

Perfect for teams of 50-500 size
  • ✓
    Pay per use
  • ✓
    Simple payment process
  • ✓
    Safety for employees


Our customers love fuels us to believe it is a team work that makes us all grow together.

  • We are a food tech company believe in providing quality food delivery to each employee at corporate organisations. I believe bringing core teams to meet is important for collaboration and innovation. This helps us in setting the culture of our company. Since pandemic has demanded us to look at safety of employee, WFHub is great solution to help us find safer space for teams to meet. Excited to be working with them. Reliability and transparency is what makes us believe WFHub is best tech solution for companies to bring their teams closer. 

    Krishna Wage, Co-founder & CEO
  • With my experience managing talent from all over the world, hybrid work is going to be the Future of Work. The choice we provide to employees matter to create flexibility and responsibility. Workfromhub is a great idea and believe it is going to disrupt the distributed workforce market with its clearly crafted teams solution. 

    Kim Chaumillon, Vice President - Culture & Employee Engagement

Success of a company is driven by teams that love each other's company.

How you treat your employees shows up on your balance sheet. Teams that meet, think long term with companies. Growth is two way stream.